Installing Debian on the A20 Lime

Installing Debian on the A20-olinuxino-lime


So instead of running the Home Automation server on my ESX Farm, I was now faced with the WAF. The WAF required that the system be working no matter how many times I destroyed my lab so this forced me to get a dedicated system to run the Home Automation Server. A couple of days ago someone tweeted that they installed Openhab (which I am planning to run) on something called and Olimex A20 system… got the credit card and ordered one! The board arrived a couple of days ago and since then I have been fucking around trying to get the damn thing working.

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The problem of ONE!

I was recently at a client site doing an NSX workshop/Demo when something in my lab happened that I did not foresee; my only NSX controller was in a disconnected stated and would not reconnect. Instead of having a full blown panic attack, I decided to leave the controller as it is and continue with the demo…  What happened next was something I should have predicted.

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Managing a homelab: VISIO

Now let’s be very very clear on one thing: I love to test and play around with new technologies, especially SDN solutions. This leads to me to spend a certain amount of money acquiring stuff which my wife find annoying. So my lab environment keeps getting bigger and bigger. Then one day you get to a point that when you run an NMAP of you network you find servers that you setup 3 years ago and forgot about, or even better things with IP numbers you cannot log into.

So I needed to organize (horrible word) my lab and infrastructure in such a way that I could easily find stuff.

Visio Lab Overview

So here is how I created an HTML based landing page that I can use as a jump point for all my labs. I use Visio Prof 2013 to create this, your mileage may vary if you use other version. Continue reading